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Some Examples Of The Types Of Jewellery We Use

We only use Implant Grade Titanium or 14ct Gold (by pre order)

About me (Beckie)

I have always been fascinated by body modification. I had my nose pierced when I was a teenager and absolutely loved the way it made me feel. I have had so many piercings over the years , I love how versatile they are.

Choosing the correct placement and jewellery to suit that particular clients personality and anatomy is what I love the most, how each piercing is individual every single time.

I work only with the best metal – Titanium. Not only is it half the weight of Surgical Steel which is better for healing piercings , it is also Hypoallergenic and Nickel Free so suitable for safe insertion in to the body.

My favourite piercings to do are Double Auricle , Daith and Nipples !


What is Piercing?

Body piercing, which is a form of body modification, is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewellery may be worn.


Why Choose Us?

InkMasters Tattoo & Piercing Studio, is committed and is religiously working for the growth of Tattoo Art in the UK. Our aim is to be the best, to have the most satisfied customers and to really deliver the customers dream vision. Providing quality information to anyone who needs will surely help this art getting the deserved Love and Respect. Our aim to provide you with a piece of art you will be proud to wear. We offer a clean, friendly and professional studio to ensure that your tattoo or piercing experience is as enjoyable as possible. 100% privacy and comfort is guaranteed during your appointment.


Our Reassurance

I (Beckie) am a fully trained and qualified body piercing artist with up to date health and safety certificates and fully qualified to offer the best advice possible before and after getting a piercing.

I use single use needles for piercing , the out dated method of using a gun / piercing machine is not something I do personally. The gun method not only is unsanitary, but it also causes unnecessary trauma to the body. The jewellery rips through the tissue , forcing it to make room for the piercing . The needle makes a perfectly small incision of around 1mm to allow for the correct placement of high quality titanium jewellery. The studs are called labrets, these are flat backed so sit snug against the ear , making them comfortable to wear during sleep.

Titanium is my first choice of piercing metal , it is hypoallergenic and Nickel Free which is a great choice for those with allergies. It is also as strong as Surgical Steel yet half the weight so less pressure on your new piercing.’


Piercing Aftercare

The most important part of healing your new piercing is to leave it alone unless you are gently cleaning as advised by your piercer. Touching a new piercing will cause it to become sore and potentially infected. How you look after your piercing when you leave the studio will determine how well it lasts.

Your own body will heal the piercing as long as you are in good health and eat well. We only want to remove any debris from the new piercing .

     InkMasters Piercing Aftercare

Before touching your piercing wash your hands EVERY SINGLE TIME

If your piercing has a dressing this can be removed after 2 hours

Clean the piercing using Sterile Saline Spray only

Spray the piercing once in the morning and once in the evening for 4-6 weeks , continue longer if needed

Do Not use cotton buds or cotton wool , if needed use a clean paper towel / gauze to dry the piercing after using the spray

Cleaning is to be done twice a day only

Excessive cleaning will make things worse not better!

Unless you are tightening the attachments do not touch your piercings at all

Be sure to carefully dry behind your ears after showering if you have had an ear piercing, cool setting on the hairdryer is ideal for this

Avoid Swimming, Hot Tubs and any other unclean areas for a minimum of 2 weeks

Do not sleep on a fresh piercing until healed

Along with keeping your hands washed before touching the area, be sure to check the balls / attachments after cleaning and regularly.

No piercing is fully healed before 3 months minimum

Do not change the Jewellery before this point without consulting with your piercer first.

All replacement balls / attachments/ bars are chargeable.

I advise this method to be used for 3/4 weeks.

  • Do not turn the jewellery.
  • Do not remove the jewellery for a minimum of 3 months to complete the healing process .
  • Removing the jewellery too soon may cause it to close up and / or become infected.
  • Lymph is a clear / white substance the body naturally produces to help the body heal. You will notice this on your fresh piercing. This is not dirt or a sign of infection , it is simply your body healing a wound. Do not pick it.
  • If you have any redness that continues for more than 2 days after the piercing or you notice it is hot to the touch or leaking green or blood filled fluid contact myself or your GP as these could be a sign of an infection which may require antibiotics.
  • The best way to heal a piercing is to be healthy and practice good personal hygiene.




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Open Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 5:30pm
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Later hours can be discussed